What do you mean by Intuitive Wellness Guide?

Embrace your Holistic Wellness Journey with Support

Being on a holistic wellness journey is exciting. Identifying and letting go of habits and thoughts as we realize they hold us back is freeing. We begin to see ourselves differently, finding hope and purpose.  We start to feel the extent of our full potential.  The changes can start big or small and put us on our unique path. 

This is not a wild exaggeration. This is factual information based on the experience of myself, my clients, and countless others who have dedicated their lives to the study and teachings of holistic wellness. Most people who know me, know I’m not going to waste your time (or mine) or be dishonest.

Holistic wellness journeys are exciting!
Beginning on a holistic wellness journey is exciting.

Lets break these words down:

Intuitive, Holistic, Wellness Guide


Wellness coach
Trust your instinct

Intuitive means instinctive. It also means being dialed in to communication with higher consciousness. In coaching, it means that while goal-setting and changing habits are beneficial, intuitive guides integrate spiritual principles.

Woah, spiritual. Don’t go too far down that rabbit hole.

Spiritual, in this context, means your human spirit, your soul. It means acknowledging you have spirit or energy bodies like chakras and an aura. My approach leaves the door open for you to explore, strengthen and express your religious beliefs -or lack thereof. This is not about religious dogma.

Principles are fundamental truths.

So, spiritual principles are truths that relate to your spirit or soul. For example:

  • Gratitude
  • Abundance
  • Balance
  • Love
  • Patience


Wellness guide
Holistic means wholeness

The word holistic means wholeness or complete verses individual parts. We will work together holistically, meaning we will work with the whole of you: mind, body, and spirit. It means we’re going to look deeper.

For example, let’s say you repeatedly get sore throats. You’ve taken over-the-counter medications for it, and “nothing seems to be working.” While I will still recommend an appointment with your doctor on the matter, that can help to address the body, what about the mind and the spirit?

Most dis-ease starts at a spiritual level, progressing to the mind and body. For example, the throat is associated with the throat chakra, an energy center in your body associated with self-expression, speaking your truth, and communication. You tell me you’ve been having a hard time telling your boss how you feel about how he treats you, but you’re afraid to say anything for fear of the repercussions.

You’ll probably feel some relief speaking and acknowledging this because you are expressing your truth, which will resonate with your spirit. This is a good start!

From here, we would discuss the situation with your boss, why it’s presenting in your life, focusing on you, and finding ways to work through this difficulty and the energy blocks you are having around speaking up for yourself. Through this work, you may even find that sore throat clearing up on its own.

Wellness Guide

Intuitive Guide
A guide empowers you

I like the word guide better than coach. To me, a coach is someone who tells you what to do and then cheers for you when you are successful at what they directed you to do, taking part in the credit. On the other hand, a guide empowers you to be successful and is excited to support you to that success while knowing you indeed did it on your own.

My Path to being an Intuitive wellness guide

I have been intuitive and dialed into communication with higher consciousness from a young age. However, I didn’t know what it was called, nor was it mainstream enough to admit. It wasn’t until I shifted my thoughts and learned from others who were also in tune that I began to understand the blessing of this connection.  

The beautiful thing is that while everyone is not fully engaged in who they are energetically, everyone can be. Being intuitive is inherent in us all. We only have to acknowledge it, trust it and enjoy it. This is part of who you are. We can explore it so you can begin to trust in yourself and the world around you. 

Wellness guide
Explore what this life truly has to offer you. 

I found with Reiki and sound healing sessions that my clients recognize areas in their life that they would like to change. As we release blocks and become balanced, we can begin shifting our thinking and habits to align with our true self. We sometimes feel the people around us won’t understand the changes, or we don’t quite understand or believe them ourselves. We need support until we figure it out.

As an intuitive wellness guide, I’d like to help you identify these areas and be the person you can talk to through the changes. First, it helps to build a strong foundation. Second, it is a way to build understanding and confidence while exploring what this life truly has to offer you. 

After many years of working in the medical field and living in a small town, I understand the importance of privacy first-hand. So, the things that we explore and talk about will be confidential. I believe this is necessary for you to fully be able to explore who you really are.

Your Wellness

intuitive wellness guide
You innately have the ability to heal yourself.

You innately have the ability to heal yourself. If you already agree and practice that then you are well on your way and might not feel you need a guide. You are more than welcome to join the email list below for tips and updates on healing yourself or sign up for a reiki session to give you a boost on your journey. Tuning Forks are an excellent follow-up after a Reiki session.

If you do not believe in your abilities, please feel free to begin exploring this site and join the email list as well. Also, reach out to me so we can discuss this further.

So you know, my true passion is your wellness. My style is kind and empathetic but also to the point and productive. My mission is to help you discover your true potential and provide you with habits and skills to support good energy flow in your body and your life. This is not a lifelong contract; I’m here until you can get the training wheels off and feel confident in your flow.