What is Reiki

Understanding what Reiki is, what Reiki is not, what happens in a Reiki session and more

What Reiki Means

The word Reiki has been roughly translated in English as “universal life force.” 

While this universal life force has been around since the beginning of time, understanding how to channel it began in ancient Eastern cultures and has more recently made its way into mainstream practice in the West. 

Ki = life force

You might have also heard of Chi or Qi, which translates as life force. 

This life force is the very energy that makes us alive. It is very real even though it is not something that is visible. Just like the wind can be felt and not seen, so Reiki is. 

Rei = Universal

Universal can also be translated as “God’s wisdom” or “Higher Power.” I feel this is important because sometimes the word universal waters down the spiritual connection that Reiki brings to us from birth. I think people feel more comfortable using the word universal because of religious polarities.

What Reiki is Not

Reiki is not a religion. Just as you may go to a chiropractor for an adjustment or a dentist for a cleaning, Reiki is available to everyone. There is no dogma.  Reiki is open to people of all religious and spiritual beliefs.

You were born with this universal life force, and it is already working in you.

Like minerals in your body, sometimes this energy gets depleted or out of balance, and while we take supplements for vitamins and minerals, Reiki sessions can help bring harmony to your life force. Because it is spiritual, many people find Reiki deepens their connection regarding their religious beliefs and personal growth. 

Reiki Session 

Experiencing a Reiki session, one comes to understand this life force because, for most, it can be felt.  The Reiki method includes placing my hands approximately 6 to 10 inches above your body, where universal energy is channeled through my hands to your chakras (energy bodies), allowing for a gentle, relaxing process that can clear blockages and imbalances to your energy flow.

Reiki balances and works on four levels of existence:

  • Physical: The body and manifested pain or disease
  • Emotional: What are you feeling
  • Mental: What are you allowing yourself to think
  • Spiritual: Your capacity to love yourself and others

My First Reiki Session

I first heard the word Reiki over 20 years ago. At the time, it did not make sense that someone could be helped without even being touched. I was working on running a marathon, and deep tissue massages were (and still are) my favorite. If only I had known how relaxing Reiki is!!

I dismissed the option, but my curiosity was peaked, so I filed it away for a later date.

That later date came when I visited a rock shop with a sign stating they offered Reiki.

Recalling the experience from long ago, I felt it was time and signed up for a session. 

Mostly, I was curious when I arrived, feeling skeptical and nervous. I also really wanted it to work. I was not in the habit of meditating or quieting my thoughts, so I wasn’t sure how I would lay still on a table for 45 minutes. As I lay on the table staring at the ceiling, I wondered what would happen. I closed my eyes and tried to relax.

Then, almost instantly, I felt calm. My hands “lit up,” as I like to say, feeling like my palms were tingling. I felt warm and peaceful. Images came into my mind. I wanted to remember every detail, but so much was happening.  I felt a gentle pulling to my right and a release of something I felt I had been holding on to for years.

It was over too soon.

I felt calmed and energized at the same time. As I sat up, some of the things I experienced were explained. I felt more awake and alive than I had been since, maybe ever.

I was inspired and wanted to learn more about what had just happened.

The Three Days After

Before you leave a session, I will tell you to expect to feel releases and shifts over the next three days. Imagine a pipe clogged with mud. To clear the mud, you turn on a hose, and the mud pushes out, followed by little clumps and then muddy water before it runs clean.

In the session, your energy flow is cleared; this is the mud pushing out of the pipe and the clumps. The three days after are the muddy water and the clarity.

One lingering issue since my mom died was how much I felt she was gone after she passed. I didn’t feel like I had a connection with her. Several people in my life have died and I have always felt a connection to their spirits. There were little signs that let me know they were still around. 

I didn’t feel that way with my mom. 

What Happened after my First Reiki Session

A day after my first Reiki session, I sat by a pond trying to recall and process the session’s events. I had my dachshund, Shiner, with me. He was by the water’s edge doing his normal investigating when a buzzard landed on the ground facing him with outstretched wings.

It was unusual and fascinating. I watched as Shiner turned towards the buzzard and they had a moment of eye engagement before Shiner took off towards it and it hopped towards him. The buzzard then lifted off.

A moment later, it returned to the same position. I was mesmerized. Feeling like it was not there to harm Shiner, I was not worried. I watched in amazement as it looked and felt like they were playing. It went on long enough that I was able to get a few pictures.

Letting Go and Reconnecting

My mom instantly came into my mind and I burst out into tears. These tears needed to come for a long, long time. I released the “mud.”

While there was this release of utter sadness and loss, I felt so much relief, like I had found my mom again.

I knew she had been with me the whole time, but I was blocked to it, and this release opened up a really beautiful connection with my mom.

One of the ways she shows me she is around is in this form. Not too long ago, I was deeply hurt by someone and I was allowing it to affect me. On the drive home from this encounter, I saw about 20 buzzards in the trees by our house. Around 15 of them had their wings out (no, it had not recently rained and the temperature was pleasant).

My heart swelled with love; I knew she was there and helped me recognize the bigger spiritual picture. I was able to move past the pain, accept the lesson and elevate while forward. It was beautiful.

Free Will 

Another beautiful thing is, you get to choose. Free will is important. You can choose not to believe what I have explained here. Call it what you like.

You can say it’s a coincidence or justify it in some other way. I respect that. I get it. Twenty years ago, I too dismissed it all.

When the second chance presented, I am incredibly grateful that I took the opportunity to experience it (and continue to experience it). My life is perpetually improving because of it. 

For those who resonate with what Reiki is and what a session has to offer,  We can talk more about it to ensure you are comfortable with the process and schedule an appointment.

I also am an intuitive wellness guide, so we can set up an appointment to talk more about habits and thought patterns you may have that are preventing you from the life you want. So let your journey begin here.